Will seo become obsolete?

As long as there are pages of search engine results, SEO will never be obsolete. As long as the algorithm continues to crawl our websites, there will always be a need for SEO professionals. Organic search will always be a channel that can provide immense value to any business. Old practices will no longer work and could instead result in huge sanctions.

In this scenario, keeping up to date on all updates to Google's search algorithms is the only way forward. There has always been a lot of confusion in the field of search optimization. Most of the knowledge we get is by trial and error, and by the time we've realized something, the algorithm has already advanced. So, unsurprisingly, a fair share of SEO advice is speculative, contradictory and hopelessly outdated.

When SEO started, it was all about excessive and irrelevant link building, keyword stuffing, invisible or hidden texts, and other similar activities, which were known as black hat SEO. From now on, Mueller doesn't see SEO going anywhere anytime soon, so it's recommended to make sure your business has a strong SEO strategy to stay competitive and rank high in the SERPs. More recently, SEO Book shared an infographic with several marketers who claim that SEO is dead for one reason or another and why they are wrong. So what's really going on with SEO? Those who are still in the SEO business know that, in fact, it is changing rapidly.

Diana Tunson
Diana Tunson

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